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MEGlobal employs approximately 300 people worldwide. The majority of our employees are located at the production facilities in Fort Saskatchewan and Prentiss, Alberta, Canada and Oyster Creek, TX, USA. Other MEGlobal employees are based in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Shanghai and the USA.

For professional jobs, we require a university degree. Jobs are open to both experienced professionals and recent graduates.

Administrative Support and Technician jobs require specialized skill in administrative support, chemical technologies and mechanical fields, and are associated with advanced secondary/high school education and the completion of a vocational/associates degree/certificate, trades curriculum, or an apprenticeship.

Select Job Listings in your part of the world to view and apply for jobs in various career areas such as Manufacturing & Engineering, Supply Chain/Logisitics, Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, and more.

MEGlobal is an equal opportunity employer.

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