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Canada – Apply for MEGlobal funding

  • Canada-based organizations located in the Fort Saskatchewan or Prentiss areas

    If your organization is located in the Fort Saskatchewan area or Lacombe/Red Deer region, and you are interested in applying for funding from MEGlobal Canada ULC, please review the MEGlobal Canada Contributions Guidelines. If your organization meets the qualification criteria, follow the steps below to apply:

    To apply:

    1. Go to the Sponsorship Request site.
    2. Request a code by selecting “New Requestor.”
    3. Log in using the code, or make note of it and return to the Sponsorship Request site and select “Existing Requestor” to log in later.
    4. Select “Sponsorship Request Form” for a new request.
    5. To review past requests, select “Request History.”
    6. Complete the application form with as much detail as possible.
    7. Submit your application at least eight weeks prior to your event or activity taking place.
    8. Additional supporting documents, such as a full budget, are encouraged. MEGlobal is unable to support the following types of organizations, activities or expenses: staff salaries, extreme or violent themes…. See MEGlobal Canada Contributions Guidelines for more details.


    If you have questions or need more information, contact