Responsible Care: Verification


  • To help companies assure themselves and their public that the ethics and practices of Responsible Care® are indeed in place and driving continuous improvement, the Responsible Care verification process was developed with the involvement and continuing oversight of outside stakeholders.


    This process has three purposes:


    • To help the companies improve
    • To help the industry improve
    • To improve credibility


    The Verification Process


    Every three years teams of industry experts, public advocates and local citizens verify companies by writing a consensus report that:


    • Summarizes the verification process and players
    • Identifies opportunities for improvement
    • Uncovers findings requiring corrective action and successful practices


    Once the team has successfully completed their work, the company is presented a verification certificate. MEGlobal was verified as a Responsible Care company in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, successfully demonstrating compliance with the 151 individual requirements that member companies must meet for Responsible Care to be in place. See our Responsible Care-in-Place Verification 2019 report.